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Almost exactly two years after we started this ping pong league, Tournament No. 12 is in the books!  We can not thank everyone enough who has been a part of the ride.  12 tournaments in two years ain't too shabby!

Tournament No. 12 finished the same way Tournament No. 10 did; With "No Chance" Vance sweeping his way through the competition in fairly dominating fashion.  With Vance's second tourney "W" he joins Cody Watters as the only players in the league with multiple tournament victories (Cody has 4!).

Tournament No. 12 definitely had some shining moments.  JawadJawad competed well in his return and earned a skunk.  Newcomer Vinnie1 (Steve) made a first time splash with two match wins and some solid all around play.  

Logan Mayville (mayvillain) showed up big with four match wins (including a skunk) and a runner-up finish launching him into the Top 10 Power Rankings for the first time at #9!  Logan and Tyler (Timeless Thrills) had an incredible semi-finals match going point for point and finishing 25-23 to send Logan to the Championship against Vance.  

At the end of the day, Vance prevailed.  While some opponents gave him their all no one was able to score more than 11 points against the two-time champ.  We won't fail to mention he still had a wristguard on from surgery just last month!  The dude has major skills!  Vance's impressive Tournament No. 12 performance bounced him up two spots in the Top 10 Power Rankings to #6!

The Top 10 Power Rankings shifted a bit after Tournament No. 12...

Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) continues to hold down that number one spot in the Power Rankings and puts some more distance between him and #2 Cody Watters.  Although Alan Blount (MotherGoose) didn't compete in Tournament No. 12, he jumps up a spot to #3 due to DJ Mez dropping out less than 24 hours before the tournament; A five point deduction as explained in our League Rules.  Eric (PingPong101) jumps a spot to #7 and Sean Foley falls to #10 kicking Tournament No. 11 Winner Sonny Mayugba out due to Logan Mayville's (mayvillain) first splash ever into the Power Rankings.       

While we dealt with some last minute drop-outs, overall Tournament No. 12 was a success.  Ideally each tournament hosts 10 players.  This time we had to fair with 8.  Thank you to the wait-listers who filled some of those spots left by drop-outs.  We appreciate you following waitlist protocol!  REMEMBER: When each tournament fills you can join the waitlist.  As a "wait-lister" you are advised to show up to the tournament as if you are registered.  That way if we have last minute no-shows you will be entered into the tournament accordingly.  

Thanks again everyone!  Look forward to Tournament No. 13 later this Spring.  Keep practicing.  

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