Ping Pong League

We have made it to a 10th tournament! Can you believe it?  Nine tournaments ago we had purchased a ping pong table for our Grand Opening, simply because I had promised it being there on live TV earlier that week.  Fast forward almost two years later and here we are; Tournament No. 10 of the Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong League.  

Tournament No. 10 will conclude a full day of celebration at the Flagship Store.  Earlier in the day during normal business hours we will be releasing our 'Six Years' collection in honor of being in business for six years.  

The actual ping pong tournament is set to be as competitive as ever.  We have six players from our Top 10 Power Rankings competing as well as three un-ranked players and one newbie!  Tournaments are now seeded based off the Top 10.  Therefore, myself (Timeless Thrills) and Cody Watters have first round byes.  We are set to see some amazing matches this tournament.

Tournament No. 10 also holds significance importance to some of the top players in the league.  While myself (Timeless Thrills) has held down the number 1 spot in the power rankings since we started the league, Cody Watters is finally preying on that number one spot.  This could be the tournament he makes the leap!  We shall see.   

We also want to thank the two waitlisted players.  Our tournament bracket allows us to add waitlisted players who couldn't make the 10 sign up slots.  This is just in case someone drops out leading up to or on the day of the tournament.  To those two waitlisted players, please show up for the tournament just in case we get no-shows.  If we do, you're in!  

We will have the table down this week from: Wednesday, 11/8 - Friday, 11/10 during normal business hours (12-7pm).  The table will go back in hiding during business hours on Saturday (11/11) so we can set the shop for our new release.  It will come back out once we close and we will try to get match 1 started no later than 7:15pm.  

We look forward to seeing you all Saturday!  

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