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In December of 2018 we had our friend George Anzaldo back to the flagship store for Time For Type.  It was an artist collection that debuted our 'Shadow' design along with several other items.  George made the trip from The Bay with his awesome wife Kelly and their adorable daughter, Koko.  A day to remember, to say the least!  However, one aspect of that day and that collection got lost in the process...

A small group of custom, one-of-one coffee mugs which were planned to release during that pop-up in December 2018 are now becoming available!  Starting Tuesday (5/12) our customers will have a shot at owning one of these six custom coffee mugs.  

These mugs will be sold exclusively in our flagship store which you now need an appointment to come shop at.  Yes, our store is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY now.  Learn more about that here.  

Each mug cost $20.  They are hand wash only.  All but one mug has George's iconic "Kuya George 2018" stamp.  These are truly one of a kind collector's items.

Book an appointment now to come shop in our Flagship Store this week.  

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