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Guy Long / Rose City, CA is back in Sacramento this Saturday from 11-4pm at 3714 J Street.  This is Guy's first show since he was last in Sacramento in 2019 for his Summertime! Pop-Up Shop also right here in East Sacramento.  We couldn't be more humbled to have him back and we are excited for our city to once again experience his art.      

While Guy and Rose City stem from Southern CA he has certainly made a stamp on the City of Sacramento.  

He turned our brick & mortar into a cartoon, created art used for a full scale partnership with the Sacramento SPCA, designed the now infamous, 'Sons of Hamarchy' art for the baddest butcher shop in town, and oh yea, you know that art print of the Tower Bridge and/or the original Water Tower you have hanging in your home?  Yes, that's Guy Long.  

There are thousands of those prints hanging up in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, and offices around the city.  You also can't forget the countless pieces of large scale art he has sold to Sacramentans that hang in places throughout the 916.  Now the city can embrace Rose City in person...


Rose City Tapes & Records is a new pop-up concept by Guy Long happening this Saturday, August 20th from 11am - 4pm at 3714 J Street.  

Just like in 2019 at Guy's 'Summertime!' Pop-Up we are handing the space over to Guy and collaborating to create Rose City, CA in East Sacramento.  

On top of countless new paintings, Guy will be offering prints, publishing, souvenirs, and rolling out his new project, 'Tapes & Records' with none other than 45's and VHS tapes. Here is the full art list:

- 12x12 Digitize Dabney
- 16x20 Jimi/Monterey
- 20x20 Trouble In Paradise
- 30x40 Glamour Profession
- 24x48 Marina View
- 36x36 Harbour Hill
- 48x60 San Julian
- 10x10x10 Shaka Triangle  
- 6" circle Moon
- 6” circle Earth

- 12x12 Trouble In Paradise
- 12x12 Marina View
- 11x14 Seabreeze  
- 11x17 Swim Near A Lifeguard
- 16x20 The Beach Can Wait
- 16x20 Catching Rays
- 16x20 Permanent Vacation
- 16x20 Glamour Profession

- Rose City, CA Collection I
- Our Solar Family  

- Mini Flag (4x6)
- Tapes & Records x Timeless T Shirt
- Dabney Hat
- Dabney Sweatshirt

- 45’s

Over the last couple years Guy started a studio band with Ryan Kushner named, Leisure Affair.  They recently released their first album titled, 'Trouble in Paradise' which you can listen to here on Apple Music.

For the show on Saturday Leisure Affair selected songs for a playlist curated to mesh with the vibes and aesthetic of the pop-up.  Simply click the artwork below to listen and roll through Saturday to hear it at the event:
We feel very fortunate to host this show for Guy Long and Rose City, CA.  His art is like nothing else.  There is a community behind it; Residents who call Rose City home.  There is a story there.  It is more than just art.  To have so many avenues stemming from one conceptual base is as creative as it gets in our book.  Guy Long has created something special and here at Timeless Thrills we feel lucky to host anything he brings to the table.  
We will see you all this Saturday (8/20) from 11-4pm.

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