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The deeply devoted tend to have a chosen clothing that signifies their commitment to their calling. The monk has the robe. The painter has the smock. And so on. It is worn when they are in their active state of practice. The painter Henri Matisse once said "the essential thing is to work in a state of mind that approaches prayer."
We could also call it meditation. This is how we approach the upkeep of the game. Whether it's shooting free throws or sharpening fundamentals, seek that headspace. View it as a lifetime process. You'll never stop practicing the game. A timeless pursuit.
Which is why Sacred and Timeless Thrills have collaborated on a reversible practice jersey. The design is simple and constructed with attention to the receptive and reactive, the essence of a community of practice.
Our reversible jersey is made of 100% polyester mesh.  It is moisture wicking, odor resistant and has stain release components.  The jersey was produced in Sacramento, CA, screen printed with white ink on the Timeless Thrills side and black ink on the Sacred Hoops side. The dark and light are opposing forces which become a driving force for change and creativity.
Practice keeps the game evolving. A true artist, or true hooper does not put their tools away once they've become great. It requires upkeep and a true artist knows there's always more to be discovered within. Practice with the intention that you'll never stop.

Peace to Allen Iverson. We know he respected practice deeply. Never forget the context of his frustration.

- Blake Gillespie


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