Ping Pong League

It is crazy to think we have held six tournaments now within our Ping Pong League.  Thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday.  It was a strange tournament, to say the least.  

For the first time we had less than 8 players registered.  We understand this is in large part due to our rescheduling of Tournament No. 6 a week prior.  Again, we apologize for switching the date on you guys.  

FROM NOW ON, if we change a tournament date and you were already signed up but cannot play on the new date, you will still receive your 5 points for participation in that tournament.  

While we prepped for a six-man tourney in No. 6, unfortunately we had two no-shows!  Blazing Paddles and PhreshGresh failed to show up, forcing us to forfeit each match of theirs.  In the end, we had four players competing for the Tournament No. 6 crown.

This has also forced us to add another stipulation to our league.  FROM NOW ON, If you are registered for a tournament and you do not show up on the day of, you will lose 5 points toward your power ranking score.  If you need to drop out, please let us know at least 2-3 days prior to the tournament so we can attempt to fill your spot.  

At the end of Tournament No. 6 it was Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) who defeated Alan Blount (Mother Goose) in the championship match to cruise through the tournament undefeated.  This is Tyler's first tournament win and drastically helped his power ranking score.  

With the Tournament No. 6 victory, Tyler catapulted himself into first place in the Power Rankings.  Alan passes Tournament No. 2 winner Sean Foley and moves up a spot in the rankings to number 5.  Eric (PingPong101) makes his first splash in the Power Rankings as he drops in at Number 8.  Although new player Jawadjawad did not make the Top 10, he made a lasting impression winning three matches in his first tournament.  

The Results & Power Rankings have now been updated.  Thanks again to all of you making this league possible.  Look forward to Tournament No. 7 to happen toward the end of July or early August.  


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