Ping Pong League

Our ping pong league is rolling!  Tonight at 7pm we will start the sixth tournament of the Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong League.  Thank you to all the players who have competed throughout the first five!  

As of right now (6/17 @ 1:30pm) we have 6 players competing in tonight's Tournament No. 6.  There is still room to sign up as we try to fill 8-10 spots each tournament.  

Tonight we have Tournament No. 1 Winner, Chris Grant back in the house.  He will be competing against power ranking members; Tyler Wichmann (4th) and Alan Blount (6th).  Rounding out the final three spots are newcomers, "Jawadjawad" and "Phreshgresh" and returner, Eric (Pingpong101).  

Thankfully for the six of us, we won't need to deal with Cody Watters (1st) and DJ Mez (3rd). Take that as an opportunity to improve your power ranking score and maybe even win an exclusive Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong shirt.  

See you tonight at 7pm!

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