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Paradise Island was once a magical place in Sacramento.  A place where kids who grew up in the nineties obsessed over.  From the arcade & mini golf to the bumper cars, batting cages, and money (tickets lol) box;  Paradise Island had it all for a kid looking to have some quality fun.  

Unfortunately Paradise Island went out of business and was partly demolished (like so many other cool things) years ago, these days being replaced by a rock & roll themed brewery/restaurant.  

Like so much of Sacramento's nostalgic past we do our part to keep the spirit alive.  

Our new Paradise Island Tees release this Saturday, June 5th at 11am at 3714 J Street.  If you are on our newsletter you may just get invited to the party early (wink wink).  

The editorial was shot by Sacramento photographer, Andrew Dumitru.  The t-shirts were modeled by GREO and Maya Ellen.  

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