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Enoch Ku is a photographer from Rosemont, CA, a suburb in Sacramento County.  You may know him better by his Instagram alias, Ordinary Sacramento.  On Saturday, December 5th we are proud to host Ku & Ordinary Sacramento for his debut photo gallery and book release {UPDATED 12/4 - Book Release is delayed, stay tuned for updates).

"My Neighborhood Rosemont, CAis a photographic love letter to where Ku grew up and still spends his days.  It grows from the organic Instagram account he created a couple years back as a refreshing side project to help recognize the present moment.  

Ku has worked in the professional field of photography for years shooting weddings and corporate grudge.  While that part of his career went stale he began recognizing the exact moment he was in; Realizing there was more going on around him than he noticed before.  Going on an ordinary walk in his neighborhood was anything but ordinary.  It was as if a new world of photography opened through the lens of his mind; The photos simply followed suit.

While Ordinary Sacramento may have started as a casual passion project it has certainly grown into an accomplished photo journal followed by thousands around the globe.  

Ku has been featured on Booooooom, did an interview for CapRadio, and his international web presence is impressive.  His momentum keeps spiraling forward.  With a debut photo gallery and book release ahead it seems a climactic and glorious finish awaits.  

"My Neighborhood Rosemont, CA;" A Photo Gallery & Book Release will open on Saturday, December 5th at 11am in our Flagship Store.  

Gallery photos will be for sale as well as the debut release of Ku's book.  On top of that he has been working diligently to offer additional prints and a t-shirt for sale.  The limited edition tee will display an unreleased photo never seen by the public.    

This photo gallery will be on display in our Flagship Store through the rest of 2020.  

Please review our SAFETY GUIDELINES before making your way into our Flagship Store.  You can also book an appointment for a private showing the following week.  If you have any questions or further inquiries into the gallery please drop us a message.  We look forward to seeing you all December 5th!

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