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We are extremely excited to welcome Happy Hour Ceramics to our Flagship Store.  We are the first brick and mortar in Northern California to stock Happy Hour and we couldn't be more honored.  

We were fortunate to meet Ashley and Brian, the owners and operators of Happy Hour Ceramics earlier this year on a quick trip down to LA.  We got to witness first hand their incredible operation and amazing cactus and succulent collection.  We also talked shop and about the possibility of bringing their ceramics to Sacramento.  

Fast Forward and here we are!  Happy Hour has put together an exclusive 12 item collection for Timeless Thrills®.  We couldn't be more excited to offer these amazing pots, vases, and pipes to our awesome customers here in Sacramento.

STARDUST POTS (Medium) - $70 each


WAVY CHECKER POTS (Medium) - $70 each

STARDUST POT (Small) - $50 each

RADIATING WAVE POTS (Small) - $60 each

TWO TONE PIPES - $60 each

The Happy Hour Ceramics drop will be available in our Flagship Store starting Tuesday, November 24th, 2020.  You must book an appointment to come shop.  First come first serve.  We look forward to seeing you all!

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