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Sacramento photographer, Casey Engmark is releasing his new zine titled, "Invitiation To Trap."  The release will be paired with a photo gallery at our Flagship Store.  Framed work will be available to purchase, as well as the zine itself.  

"Invitation To Trap" is a 34 page zine.  All photos were shot on 35mm film in Sacramento and Stockton, CA over the course of a couple years.  

Engmark's inspiration stems from old gangster flicks like Goodfellas.  In fact, he had been watching the Scorsese classic almost weekly when he started shooting these photos.

"I was originally inspired by the steady cam shot in Goodfellas when Henry is taking his chick through the back of the restaurant.  That was the inspiration for the first photo when I was following the dude up the stairs."  

- Casey Engmark

Engmark's photos are raw and intentional.  They embody an avenue of modern day noir rarely seen in everyday photography.  Once you open the zine you won't stop flipping through the pages until you get to the back of the book.     

The "Invitation To Trap" Zine will be available for purchase paired with the opening day of its photo gallery on Saturday, October 17th from 11 - 3pm at our Flagship Store.  Framed photos will be available for purchase as well.  

Please take note of our current safety guidelines regarding our retails space and Covid-19.   

"Invitation To Trap" will be on display in our store through the month of October, 2020.  Please stop by or book an appointment to view it in person.  

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