This Holiday Season we have assembled a bad ass gift guide to erase any trouble you may experience while shopping for friends and family.  

Every item in this year's Holiday Gift Guide is available in-store and/or online.  If you are shopping online, make sure to place your order by December 19th to receive your package by Christmas day.  

We have broken down this year's Gift Guide into four categories; The Creative, the Sports Fan, the Traveler, and of course the "Thriller."  All four categories are sure to hold items that will fit perfect under your tree or in a stocking for those special people in your life.  Without further a due, we present the 2016 Timeless Thrills® Holiday Gift Guide.  


Is there a creative in your life?  You know, that person who is always reading a book, jotting their notes, or looking for the newest way to showcase their creative skills?  Don't you fret, we have you covered!  

1.  VICTORY Journal is a print and digital publication devoted to the intersection of sports and culture.  In their latest Issue 11 they explore the concept of "Body and Soul." A refreshing take on sports to help shield away the overload of NFL football during the Holiday Season.  

2.  Our DO IT Pocket Notebook is as good as it gets if we are talking "jotting notes."  Forget the yellow app in your iPhone, this handy dandy notebook is the real deal!  Made of genuine hermann oak vegetable leather and bound with waxed thread, this is honestly the best pocket notebook on the market.  On top of all that it is made in California by Small Batch Supply Co. exclusively for Timeless Thrills®.  What a freakin' gift!    

3.  Here is your first look at our new custom stamps made by local creative, Paper Gold Co. exclusively for Timeless Thrills®.  This is literally the first time we are revealing these stamps!  While the diagram shows our infamous STCT design as one stamp, we will offer two others as well.  Put a stamp on it and purchase the gift that keeps on giving!  *Stamps will only be available in our Flagship Store.

4.  What is better than a versatile writing instrument?  NOTHING!  Any time you can get two things done at once, you are in good shape!  Our SHOP Pen allows you to not only write with a solid ballpoint tip, it transforms into a stylus point with one click for all your screen touching needs!  Sign that check with your name and then use the same pen to control the screen during your mobile deposit!  Black and chromed out, this versatile pen has our Flagship Store address imprinted on the side so people will always know where to purchase the infamous versatile SHOP Pen!  

5.  SUSPEND magazine is a bi-annual print publication with a dual online platform (suspendmag.com) that publishes only original content commissioned by their staff and correspondents in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Mexico City.  Driven by original thought and a desire to support and build with local emerging talent, each issue of SUSPEND showcases the unique endeavors of those in the realm of Art, Lifestyle, Fashion Editorial, Photography, Music, and Film.  Issue 06 is an awesome gift this holiday season as Streetwear Queen, Miss Lawn garnishes the cover.  

6.  So you don't like writing with pen?  Or, are you still stuck in the 90's and want to keep filling in that scantron with a number 2 pencil?  Either way, our STCT pencil pack has you covered.  

7.  Pages Magazine is a print publication that features creatives from a variety of fields; including art, design, and fashion. While combining aesthetics and editorial content, Pages looks to be a source of inspiration for the creative in all of us.  Issue 03 is timeless!  With Benny Gold on the cover (shot by Sacramento photographer Andre Elliott), this is one of the most creative magazine issues you can purchase period!  Hurry, get inspired!  


We all have those friends and family who are loyal sports fans.  Whether you agree with the insanity or not, it is their beloved sports teams keeping their enthusiasm high throughout the holiday season.  Let them expand on that passion with some of these perfect fan-fitting items.  

1.  Our grey SIGNATURE Pom Beanie with black embroidery is perfect for that friend or family member who is ecstatic about the Raiders being a winning team for the first time in over a decade.  

2.  Our red SIGNATURE Pom Beanie with gold embroidery is perfect for that friend or family member who is bummed about the shitty Niners season and hoping Eddie becomes owner again.  

3.  Our black on white SHOP Socks are perfect for that neutral sports fan, or even the non-sports fan.  Let's say you are being dragged to a sporting event you really have no interest in going, throw these socks on and your feet are bound to feel so comfortable and cozy you will forget you are even at a sporting event!  Touché to you for being such a trooper!

4.  We are in Northern California which means you probably have a friend or family member who is a devoted San Francisco Giants fan.  Let them know how pumped you are about the Mark Melancon signing by gifting them these bad ass black and orange ST GIANTS Socks.  

5.  SACRAMENTO STAND UP!  Our new SAC THRILLS Socks in black, purple, and white are perfect for your first experience at the new Golden 1 Center.  Or better yet, find some tickets to the new arena and gift them along with a pair of these socks.  Showing up at the new arena in these socks are guaranteed to get you some fist bumps.  *As of now these are ONLY available in our Flagship Store.    


We all have that special person in our lives who takes traveling and the outdoors to a whole new level.  They never waste a weekend inside and they jump at the opportunity to scour a new space of land.  For those travelers, we have you covered.  

1.  The HAVEN & FLORIN RUCKSACK KIT is as good as it gets for your traveling friend or family member.  This sack is packed with every feature a traveler, photographer, or inner-city explorer may ever need.  Hit the link above to study all the features this bag has to offer.  The bottom line; there is no better bag for that special traveler.  *Only available in the Flagship Store.  

2.  The WISH YOU WERE HERE Zine is made by a group of creatives who hold travel and exploration dear to their hearts.  This special edition Zine is no different.  Filled with adventures captured through lens and expressed via collage, this publication is perfect for the traveler with a bit of down-time in between adventures.  

3.  Sick of losing your keys and/or pocket belongings?  Well thank god for our LOGO LEATHER Ruck Strap.  As part of our new leather accessory line produced exclusively by Small Batch Supply Co., this ruck strap is built to last.  Whatever it is you need strapped to your belt, you can be sure it ain't coming loose.  This Ruck Strap is the tits.  Made in California.  

4.  Do not leave your traveling friend or family hanging in the wild like Bear Grylls, forced to start a fire with twigs and friction.  Throw our LOGO BIC Lighter in their stocking and they will be set the next time they are forced to start a makeshift fire.    

5.  When you are traveling, especially on an airplane, a solid carry on bag is key.  Our GTF Tote Bag is the ideal size for carrying on those important items.  Let's also not forget, most our friends and family shop at grocery stores right?  Well, if their store is in Sacramento County, this tote bag is the perfect gift.  No more wasting those dimes on plastic bags!


What the hell is a Thriller?  Thrillers' are our loyal customers, followers, and supporters.  If you are reading this gift guide, it is fair to say someone in your family or inner circle is a Thriller.  Maybe it's you!  In that case, time to shift the screen towards Mom and Dad and have them take notes (preferably in our DO IT Pocket Notebook with our SHOP Pen or STCT Pencils).  

1.  Our DO IT Coaches Jacket is a collaboration piece between ourselves and San Francisco based artist, George Anzaldo.  Not only is this design printed across a bunch of our product, it is painted on the wall of our Flagship Store.  A great present for anyone who does the job for the thrill of it.  

2.  Our GTF Tee is a great gift for anyone down with Timeless Thrills®.  This design was made for our 5 Year Anniversary as a brand.  If your friend or family is out rocking this in Sacramento, they are sure to get some five fingered fist bumps.

3.  Our SIGNATURE Polo Cap is one solid hat.  Made of 100% brushed cotton twill and finished with a leather back strap, this is one cap that is sure to turn heads.  Let's not forget about the beautiful script on front.  Made in America, of course.    

4.  Do you have a younger friend or family member who wears their pants half way down their ass?  Do you hate it?  Well, quit tossing them a shoe lace and purchase them a belt!  But not just any belt... This is our LOGO LEATHER Belt constructed of genuine hermann oak vegetable leather and made right here in California.  This belt only gets better with time.  

5.  Where do you put your keys?  Do they bug you when they sit in your pockets?  Have you ever actually been sliced on your thigh by that sharp key inside your pocket?  Yea us too.  So, we made these LOGO LEATHER Swivel Keychains.  Like the rest of our leather accessory line, the keychain is made of genuine hermann oak vegetable leather and manufactured right here in California.  Let those keys hang and stop slicing open your leg!  

6.  It is Winter here in California and while we are spoiled and hardly ever deal with the cold, it is pretty damn chilly here in the 916.  What can we say?  Keep those sleeves and head warm with our RACER Pullover Hoodie printed on authentic Champion fleece.  

7.  Denim is Timeless, and so is our SIGNATURE Denim Cap.  An unstructured 6-panel made of denim and suede, this is one of our finest caps to date.  Keep that dome warm and styled all Holiday Season.  


Thank you for embarking on this Holiday Gift Guide journey with us here at Timeless Thrills®.  Please make sure you study this gift guide up and down, top to bottom.  You may be able to purchase your entire family and friends gifts through our online shop or in our Flagship Store in East Sacramento.  Either way, we look forward to fulfilling your orders and helping you gift some of the best presents known to man.  

Happy Holidays!  

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