Thank you to everyone who came out last night!  We had a blast.  

Evan Vlach's book release for his first novel, 'Frankie Says Goodbye' was a huge success!  The book will stay available in our Flagship Store so if you didn't get the chance to grab one last night, drop in! 

Matt Vlach & Andrea Lunetta (Banana Press) wowed us with their Art Exhibition featuring the design process for the 'Frankie Says Goodbye' physical book copy.  Nate Zoeller displayed some of his most artistic work featuring hands and paint.  Both art exhibitions will remain displayed in-store for the next couple weeks so make your way in and check them out!  

To top it off we were fortunate enough to have not one, but two bands in the house!  Flourish and Pierce and the Gals absolutely killed it to make our first in-store live music session a huge success!  

Last but certainly not least, a huge thanks to Stixaround and PBR for keeping the good time's rolling with the 16 ounce beers.  We love you guys!  

Until next time everyone!  









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