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George Anzaldo or better known by his instagram handle, Kuya George is a San Francisco based hand letterer, urban calligrapher, muralist, sign painter, and all around art genius.

You may remember our script logo George created for us back during Fall/Winter 2015.  On top of that, you can find several art pieces by George displayed throughout our Flagship Store.  

We are humbled to announce On October 8th, 2016 we will release a full collaboration collection with George in the Flagship Store titled; "Do it for the Thrills not the Bills."  The collection will feature items including t-shirts, outerwear, headwear, stickers, accessories, and hand-signed prints by George.  

On top of a jaw-dropping release, George himself will be in-store completing a full, live mural on the wall of our retail space.  We couldn't be more blessed.  Druskee will be on the boards supplying heat through the speakers.  PBR will be supplying the beverages.  

Stay tuned and check back to this blog post as we will update you with more details as they arrive.  


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