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Last Saturday we hosted, 'A Day at the Park;' A pop-up shop by Roseville based street & skate brand Compass & Co.  Owner of Compass, Michael Schardt teamed with Julian Sandpaper on an installation you must see in person.  

'A Day at the Park is described in laser engraved wood on the side of the installation as follows;

"This display is an interactive art piece made in collaboration with Compass, and local artist Julian Sandpaper. The inspiration came from watching the way that our local parks and skate spots change over time, and the stories that are left behind by kids wielding stickers, spray cans and elbow blood after a day at the park. And so, we encourage you to leave your mark. Channel your inner rebel teen (perhaps you are one) and put up some sick art with the paint pens or stickers provided. Maybe scratch out your crushes initials, or sneak a piece of gum on the sidewalk.. leave us a story. Please be respectful of the clothing, and be sure not to damage any goods in your creative adventure." - Julian Sandpaper

'A Day at the Park' Installation will remain up in our Flagship Store through the end of the week of (Saturday 3/30).  We highly suggest you stop by and leave your mark on the ramp.  Grab some of this rad merch from Compass & Co. while you're at it.  

A huge thanks goes out to Michael, Julian, and Alec for putting together such a rad pop-up shop and installation.  Thanks to Colleen and PBR for supplying us with that 'Easy' drinker all day long!  


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