"DEATH AT DUSK" Art Show by Switchblade Tattoo Club • Opening Night 4/20 7-11pm


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Last weekend we shut down the shop and traveled 20 blocks down J Street for the one and only, Capitol City Classic.  

It was an honor to have a booth at the convention for the second year in a row.  However this year we had the privilege of sharing our booth with none other than George Anzaldo, aka Kuya George.  

George painted the banner for our booth.  That same graphic is printed on our newest collaboration tee which debuted at the convention.  You can now purchase it in our online shop.  Just wait until you see the back print!  All artwork done by George.  

We also collaborated on some 'Cap City Classic' Tees but most of them sold out at the convention.  There are still a handful of medium and small sizes left in our online shop.  Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and bought one!

On top of our collaboration tees with George he compiled a collection of hand painted items that stole the show.  

Absolutely amazing work from George.  Oh and remember that back print I mentioned above?   [Click the image below to purchase the shirt now].

Our goal was to bring a little bit of 3714 J Street to the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center.  What better piece to haul down than The Newsstand?  With over 50 titles of magazines, zines, artwork, and books we were extremely excited to introduce our store's print section to the masses at the convention.  

Even in the midst of a busy weekend we all snuck in some time to get tattooed.  Some of those artists we collected from included; Javier DeLuna, Natasha DeLuna, Isaac Olivarria, Bert Krak, Lindsee Boyer, and Amaro Blank.  

All in all we had one hell of a weekend.  We are incredibly thankful we had George, his wife Kelly, and their two daughters out to Sacramento.  We hope to recreate that situation every year moving forward.  A huge thanks to Britty, the Royal Peacock crew, Mitch, Joey, and everyone who played a vital role in putting on the Capitol City Classic.  We can not wait for next year!  Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 17-19.  

Extended Photos - 35mm - Updated 10/6/23



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