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If you read our pre-convention article you had an idea of what to expect at this year’s first Bay Area Tattoo Convention.  However, nothing can truly prepare you for the magic that takes place in these three days.  As collectors and enthusiasts we could not have been more grateful to be present.

We can not thank the collection of individuals who put this show on enough.  From Taki & Molly and the whole State of Grace team to Roman, Rose, 45's Forever, and the Strong Tattoo squad, you guys absolutely kill it!  We could never forget the amazing group of ladies holding down the ticket booth.  Without them the show does not go on.  

There was a lot to be excited about before the actual convention.  First was the "Lew the Jew" exhibit at the CJM.

The Lew the Jew Exhibit lasts through June 9th.  We insist you pay it a visit!

After experiencing the museum exhibit we sat in on a panel discussion moderated by Taki between Ami James, Adam Vu Noir, Kari Barba, and Roxx.

The Thursday night festivities did not stop at the CJM.  From there we took off to The Midway for the 'Rock of Ages' Exhibition and opening party for the convention.  


One thing the BATC crew made sure to put first this year was paying respects to the legends who have recently passed away.  The banners of Don Nolan, Bill Salmon, Rick Walters, and Lyle Tuttle stood out on your way in and out of the convention floor.  It was a sure reminder to anyone attending to remember those who helped pave the way.   


It got even cooler on the convention floor with the stunning mural at Diamond Club's booth.

Speaking of legends there was no shortage of them present at the show.  Not only did Jack RudyCharlie Cartwright, and Tin Tin setup booths and hang, they all tattooed throughout the weekend!  

The End of the Trail booth was rockin' with the famous 'Something for Everyone' Flash sheet, a tattooed leather vest by Charlie from over four decades ago, and Mario holding it down with Charlie's wife, Ollie.  I was fortunate and humbled to collect a "GTC" tattoo from Mr. Cartwright (Thank you Tim & Keith for the assist).  Our conversations with "Jack From Way Back" were just as valuable.        

The Frenchman Tin-Tin was in the house sharing space with Junii & the Diamond Club family.

As for collecting the wife was able to add another from our buddy, Adam Vu Noir;  A fun twist on an iconic Teen Angels design.  Adam, Cecilia, Han Shinko, and Sebastian held down the Strange Love booth all weekend.  Adam has fore-fronted the evolution of his Strange Love studio in LA.  We hope to visit later this year!

All the way from New Zealand and representing Two Hands Tattoo, Spider Sinclair was next door to the Strange Love booth laying 'em down throughout the show.   

Our buddy Ben Corn takes home our personal award for most coverage during the span of an entire convention.  Ben got down with three back pieces, a couple sleeve additions, and several other tattoos in between.  

If you did not grab one or all three of the Roger Blankenship flash books, stay in touch with Ben's online shop as they will be up for sale soon.

I was fortunate to collect some 'Smile Now Cry Later' masks from Em Scott.  Em, Frank Ball Jr.Frank Ball, and Andrew Farnsley laid down fine line, black and grey tattoos all weekend long. 


Of her two tattoos on the weekend, the wife also collected another from our friend, Olivia Olivier.  They took Good Time Charlie's iconic 'Prisoner of Love' flash and gave it a personal spin.


Olivia tattoos with T, Ace, and Lucas at their newly opened, Rose & Thorn Tattoo in San Francisco.  Another shop on the list to visit.  

On the final day of the convention I was able to collect another tattoo from our bud, Tim Hendricks.  Tim & the Classic crew stayed busy all weekend long.  He was also present in the lobby through his cousin Andrew & Salt Water Tattoo Supply which sets up the tattooers with their supplies.

The Classic Tattoo crew is as solid as it gets.  Lindsey Carmichael is one of the greats. He has been tattooing well over two decades and his son Keith is following in his footsteps.    

The homies Javier DeLuna and Uno Maser made an awesome flash sheet for customers to choose tattoos from all weekend.

A few lucky young kids were able to collect some Toddler Tattoos as well.  

Our good pal Chuco Moreno might not have been physically present but he sure was there in spirit [and back pieces]...

Like every year, Nashville's own, Chad Koeplinger was in the house and paired next to the always busy, Raking Lights Projects booth.

Chad & Taki even got to continue their collaborative back piece together Saturday night...  

Being the Bay Area Tattoo Convention you can always find reputable shops and tattooers from the Bay Area at this show.  

This May there was the likes of Mary Joy & Doug Hardy from Tattoo City, Derick Montez, Ross Jones, Holly Ellis, and Beau Adams from Idle Hand SF, Blair Giambastiani from Napa Valley Tattoo Co., and of course State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose.  

While the convention has several local artists attending there is a fair share of international artists who travel from all over the world to be at the Bay Area show.  Wan has become a familiar face at the show as of the last couple years and Koji Ichimaru is a name synonymous with Japanese tattooing.    

While Sulu'ape Si'i Liufau resides in Garden Grove, CA him and the crew at A-Town Tattoo represent a brand of Polynesian tattooing that is as authentic to the culture as any.  

Outside of California there were other key tattooers laying it down like Chris Stewart of Made to Last in North Carolina and Matt Pardo of Dare Devil in NYC.

Over the years we have met other collectors at the Bay Area Tattoo Convention and it is always good to catch up.  Ross Viator is the perfect example.  Ross is the youngest looking 48 year old with one of the coolest collection of tattoos you will ever see.  His suit includes work from tattooers like; Paul Dobleman, Juan PuenteBen Grillo, Freddy Corbin, a back piece by Jill Bonny Horiyuki, and many more.

It was rad to see Nick with Nighted Life, Tyler with Slow Secrets, and we even ran into Matt, a customer of ours rocking our Off the Clock IPA camper!

All in all, the Bay Area Tattoo Convention - May 2019 show was bad ass.  We can not thank everyone involved enough.  For collectors like my wife and I there is no better place to be.  Now we will look forward to the October show!  Yep, we get to run it back five months from now.  Mark your calendars for October 18-20th.  Below you will find other important events in the tattoo world coming up this year.  Until then, stay timeless and try to stay as fly as Tim and Taki in Adidas jump suits.  


Lew the Jew and His Circle: Origins of American Tattoo - Until June 9th

Tattoos in Japanese Prints - May 31 - August 18, 2019 

Ed Hardy: Deeper Than Skin - July 13, 2019 - October 6, 2019

Bay Area Tattoo Convention - October 18th - 20th, 2019, 

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