"Carrier Suits Him to a T"
June 9th, 2012
"Tyler Wichmann sells limited-edition T-shirts and hoodies with his Timeless Thrills logo, and at $20-$25 a pop, he’s priced me out of his market.

But Wichmann wasn’t aiming at me. He dreams of building an upscale streetwear brand like REBEL8 and Diamond Supply Co., known for eye-popping graphics that borrow from tattoo and graffiti culture.

Young, urban hipsters scout for cutting-edge graphics – and limited editions. After all, no one wants to wear the same T-shirt as another guy at the club.

“When people see you wearing it, they’re going, ‘Oh, where did you get that? I’ve never seen that before.’ And they have questions about it,” said Wichmann, a graduate of Sacramento’s Christian Brothers High School.

Getta Clue in Downtown Plaza picked up Timeless Thrills apparel early this year. Wichmann will celebrate with a party this evening at the Momo Lounge, 2708 J St., Sacramento.

Wichmann’s father, Jeff, built a national reputation auctioning rare bottles at American Bottle Auctions. The son now employs similar marketing techniques, email lists and newsletters. A sales job seeds his passion."

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