On Sunday, February 21st, 2016 Sacramento Fashion Week kicked off with a fashion "instameet" put on by Will Thompson, Jose Barajas, and Erika Christine at Oak Park Men's Supply in the Triangle District of Oak Park, Sacramento.  These #goodmeetz have been taking place between local Sacramento photographers for quite some time now.  

Ourselves, All Gxxd, and Heart Boutique supplied garments for several models and the photographers went to work.  We would like to send a huge thanks to all the photographers, models, and individuals who played a part in this event.  We appreciate you showcasing our clothing and the visuals are amazing!  

Below you can find photos from several Sacramento photographers taken at #goodmeetz and the links to their instagram profiles.  Enjoy!  

If you're a Sacramento photographer who snapped photos at #goodmeetz on February 21st, 2016 featuring Timeless Thrills® product, please send the photos to info@timelessthrills.com so we can add them to this blog post.  Thank you!









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