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If you know the brand you know we do not offer many sales.  We dearly value our product and on top of that, not one item is ever reproduced.  When you purchase from us you are purchasing collector's items.  Our product is truly timeless, no pun intended.    

However, since we have opened the Flagship Store we have brought you an annual sale that gives customers a chance to cop some of our most prized items for insanely low prices.  Check out footage from last year's sale!  

We are proud to announce our 3rd Annual, Timeless Thrills Flagship Sale.

This Saturday, May 5th, 2018 from 12-6pm we are pulling out all the stops just like we have twice in the last two years.  Here is what you can expect...

  • Half off selected fleece
  • Half off selected outerwear
  • Half off selected tees
  • Half off selected longsleeves 
  • Half off selected accessories
  • $5 Headwear 
  • $10 Headwear
  • $5 Grab Box
  • $10 Grab Box
  • Old Stock 
  • Inventory Stock
  • Samples
  • "One-Offs"
  • & more...

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