As you all know by now, our Flagship Store has introduced a Print Section to the space in East Sac.  As our publication list continues to grow, we were humbled to announce the stocking of SUSPEND® Magazine earlier this week.  

Editor in Chief at SUSPEND®, Diane Abapo was kind enough to catch up with our owner, Tyler Wichmann for some question about Timeless Thrills®, the Flagship Store, and his history with print publication.  Thanks again Diane for everything.  We couldn't be happier to stock SUSPEND®.  Check out the interview below:

We are thrilled to announce our latest stockist – in Sacramento – Timeless Thrills. Brand owner Tyler Wichmann tells us about the concept behind Timeless Thrills and what it was like seeing the flagship store open for the first time.

How did you come up with the name Timeless Thrills? 

"The name Timeless Thrills was thought up with the idea of creating a brand with an actual conceptual basis behind it. I didn’t just want to give the brand a generic name. So Timeless Thrills was originally a direct translation of “Good Times Forever.” However, the underlying meaning is to not let the clock slow you down or sway your progression. The example I always use is that feeling when you’re working hard throughout the day doing whatever it is you do, and you look up at the clock and think; “Holy shit, where did time go!” You were staying timeless! It’s the idea of not letting time, or the clock, control your progression to work toward your goals. With that being said, throughout our almost 5-year history we’ve used designs that always relate back to the idea of “Staying Timeless,” or the clock being the enemy."   

Did the brand originate in Sacramento? 

"Yes, the brand is born and raised in Sacramento, just as I am.  We are Sacramento to the core." 

How long has the Flagship Store been open for? 

"The Flagship Store opened on January 16th of this year. The brand itself started in November of 2011." 

What was it like seeing the flagship store open and welcoming patrons for the first time?

"It was absolutely amazing to open this store. It has always been a goal since very early on in the brand’s life.  We have always sold very well at the local retailers in Sacramento and that has always been the fuel for striving to open a flagship. Now, I am getting to shake hands with people that I have been shipping orders to for the last four years. Outside of that, we get foot traffic that is far outside our demographic that come in and I’m able to educate them on the brand, who we are, and what we’re about. It’s cool to mesh with people who’ve been supporting us for so long, and brand new people who might never have known about us had they not walked by the store."  

I love the motto, “Stay Timeless Catch Thrills.” It reminds me of one of our early sayings for the magazine that my younger brother coined, "Arrest your mind. Cheat Father Time." This idea of wanting to feel suspended in time, at one's most euphoric state (ie. in the studio, playing a sport, traveling, taking photos, etc.) How does this motto you came up with tie in with the Timeless Travel Guide – and where is the next go-to destination for you and your wife? 

"Thank you for your compliment on our slogan. I really like “Arrest your mind. Cheat Father Time.” That is indeed very similar. This motto originated with the conception of the brand name itself.  We wanted some kind of motto or slogan that went hand in hand with the actual title of the brand and honestly, “Stay Timeless Catch Thrills,” kind of organically came about.  I think it was one of those things that just rolled off my tongue and landed so well. This slogan (in mistral font) was actually the first design we printed on t-shirts back in November of 2011. This was the first item we ever actually put out as Timeless Thrills, the brand.  However, we didn’t have a website at the time so I was hand-delivering them to people, selling them through Facebook, and forcing my family and friends to purchase one.  We produced and sold all 100 shirts and used the profits to build our first collection in Spring 2012.  Since then, we’ve yet to miss a seasonal line and continue putting out full seasonal collections and smaller capsules throughout the year.  

The Timeless Travel Guide was something I thought of doing out of my love for travel and writing. On top of that, I felt our blog needed some new content that was different than what we usually post about. We just got back from Portland about a month ago, so I figured that would be a great start.  I’m also a sucker for Photography and take most of the photos we put out through the blog and our lookbooks section (unless otherwise noted), so the travel guide was a no brainer. I think my next guide will be on Seattle from a trip we took last year.  But our next exciting trip will be to the East Coast this summer in July.  We are spending three nights in Boston and three nights in New York. We will be seeing our beloved San Francisco Giants play both the Red Sox and the Yankees – one night in each city. (We are die-hard Giants fans by the way.) So I can’t wait! I can’t even tell you how insanely excited we are for this trip." 

How did your fascination with print come about? What are some early publications you remember reading while growing up? 

"My fascination with print came about by just being a kid growing up in the 90’s.  I feel very lucky to be born when I was born (1987). I feel like I grew up in a time where I was able to experience this world without all the technology we hold so close to our heart these days.  My childhood didn’t have a cell phone, you know?  So print, and magazines were always so cool and important to us as kids.  I think one of my first subscriptions was Sports Illustrated For Kids.  I remember thinking how cool it was that there was a kids-focused magazine.  And as much as I was into sports as a kid, it was cool how they wrote about other athletic kids from around the world doing their thing.

As I got older and started falling in love with rap and Hip-hop, The SourceVIBEXXL, and all those Hip-hop industry mags became everything to me.  I remember being so into No Limit Records that I would cut out all those extravagant CD covers they’d print as pages in the magazine and hang them up on a bulletin board.  I remember thinking that was so freaking cool!  Haha.

These days I’m into so many things, my wife and I can go to Barnes and Noble and get lost for hours.  We’re heavy tattoo collectors so tattoo magazines are a big one for me these days. But then obviously anything in the realm of fashion, culture, art, design, sports, etc. I’m all about it!"


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