'Waiting For the Rain' By Phoenix Kanada

'Waiting For the Rain' By Phoenix Kanada

$ 50.00

This collection of work spans from spring of 2020 to fall of 2022. When lockdown first occurred, I had a lot more free time than normal; that translated to new & familiar ground to cover, dissect & analyze with my camera. A few months in, I realized how much the Northern California region feels like home to me. I also realized how different this particular land looks now with the ever-changing weather patterns it experiences.

In Waiting for the Rain, I observe the seasons & how they have become less decipherable from one another as the years go. This project is a way for me to preserve this landscape's natural beauty while also serving as a reminder to treat it with more care & tenderness.

Waiting for the Rain is a way for me to preserve this landscape’s natural beauty.

  • 8x10 inches, softcover

  • 80 pages with 40 black & white photographs, separated into 4 chapters (seasons)

    • including a 5-piece poem

  • Printed in California (Edition One)

  • Edition of 100, each copy signed