1. "Untitled 1" by Freddy Corbin

1. "Untitled 1" by Freddy Corbin

$ 500.00

"Untitled 1" (2023)

By Freddy Corbin

11" x 14" 

Ink, watercolor, espresso on paper.    


Freddy Corbin was born in Tampa, Florida and grew up in Sacramento, CA until he moved to San Francisco, CA to pursue a career in tattooing at age 18.  

His received his first tattoo by Joshua Golden at Lyle Tuttle’s Shop.  During that time Corbin spent countless hours getting tattooed in hopes to earn a spot in the industry the right way.  In 1987 he received the opportunity to work under Erno Szabady; This was his first big break.  Then in 1989 he was hired by Ed Hardy to work at Realistic Tattoo Studio with Bill Salmon.  As they say, the rest is history.  

Corbin has been tattooing over thirty years now and specializes in his iconic black-and-grey style.  Along with tattooer, Scott Sylvia, he is credited with popularizing the Mexican inspired sugar skull designs in tattooing.  He opened his landmark shop, Temple Tattoo in Oakland, CA in 1998. Tattoo 13 opened two years later in 2000.  Together they are two of the most prestigious shops in the industry. 

Freddy Corbin is a household name in tattooing and the world of artistry alike.  When you see a Freddy Corbin rose, you know it’s a Freddy Corbin rose.  His paintings and mixed media works help blend the worlds of fine art and tattooing in a way that is unmatched.