33. "The Vroom" by Miguel Montgomery

33. "The Vroom" by Miguel Montgomery

$ 1,000.00

"The Vroom" (2023)

By Miguel Montgomery

20" x 15" 

Watercolor on board.   


Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery has been tattooing over twenty years.  It all started professionally in Northern California. Some of his earliest years were spent at Hard Luck Tattoo in Lodi, CA.  He later worked here in Sacramento, California at American Graffiti.

During his time in Northern California he noticed collectors with tattoos by San Francisco and Sacramento based artists that stood out.  They included tattooers like Freddy Corbin, Scott Sylvia, and Eric Hogan.  That caliber of tattooing is what Montgomery strived for.  

Montgomery merges traditional tattoo techniques with a contemporary approach.  While incredibly versatile, he focuses on bold, American traditional tattoos.  On the contrary he can lay down as good a black and grey tattoo as you are looking for.  

Montgomery is a multi-disciplined artist.  He has been painting tattoo flash as long as he has been tattooing.  Many of his tattoos derive directly from his flash sheets.  He currently tattoos at Port City Tattoo in Long Beach, California.