20. "The Good Fight" by Britton McFetridge

20. "The Good Fight" by Britton McFetridge

$ 600.00

"The Good Fight" (2023)

By Britton McFetridge

15" x 10.5" 

Cobalt oxide painted ceramic with 22 karat gold inlay.    


Britton McFetridge was born in Sacramento, California and has embodied his hometown ever since.

He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in painting in 2004.  He has been tattooing more than twenty years now.  After coming up in local shops like American Graffiti, McFetridge opened Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlour in the mid 2000’s.  He opened his second shop, Royal Peacock Tattoo East just a few years back. 

McFetridge heads the Capitol City Classic Tattoo Convention since 2021, one of the most notable conventions in the world.  His impact on the city of Sacramento is incomparable.  

McFetridge specializes in Classic American Traditional tattooing; Bold, bright and beautiful.  In terms of other art forms he has become an expert in Delft style, hand-painted ceramics using tattoo themes in obtrusive forms.   

McFetridge is not only a contributing artist to the “Battle Royale” Group Art show, he is the curator.