6. "Dragon" by Jeff Rassier

6. "Dragon" by Jeff Rassier

$ 1,500.00

"Dragon" aka "Gian the Con"

"Smoother Than Butter This Ripper of Calcutta" 

By Jeff Rassier

23" x 19" 

Painting is in acrylic and ink.  Frame is made by hand.  Vase is custom made and hand turned by Rassier in oak and walnut.  Painting on vase is in acrylic and ink.  Price reflects entire set including painting, vase, candle, and artificial flowers.  


Jeff Rassier was born in Hill City, Minnesota and moved to California during his high school years.  He started tattooing in 1990 in Santa Barbara, California.  Soon after he moved to San Francisco to work at Primal Urge Tattoo.  After tattooing on the road a few years in the late 90’s he returned to the Bay Area to tattoo at Spider Murphy’s in 2003.  Finally in 2004 he co-opened the globally recognized, Blackheart Tattoo in San Francisco, CA with Scott Sylvia, Tim Lehi, and Jef Whitehead which is still home to Rassier today.

His tattoo style is considered color-illustrative with Classic American Traditional roots while inspired by 60’s psychedelics, punk rock, & comic book vibes that stand out amongst the crowd.

On top of tattooing, Rassier’s artwork encompasses the worlds of wood-working, sculpting, comic art, painting, etching, and several mediums of illustrations.