Brent Patten has been tattooing professionally over twenty-five years and developing his art for even longer.  His experience as a teen writing graffiti in the mid-nineties has cultivated and accelerated his skillset through the years.  To this day he constructs new techniques while staying true to the aesthetic that helped build his legacy.  

Patten opened Forever Tattoo in Sacramento, CA with partner and friend, Eiland Hogan in May of 2002.  The late great Chris Danley was their apprentice at the time.  Eventually Timpac and Ian Carder joined the team and together they built an alliance still thriving today.  

Patten's drive and determination has helped spearhead that journey and now, here in 2024 we celebrate new artwork that feels like a culmination of that extensive career.  At a seasoned age of forty-four, Patten is enjoying creating art as much as he ever has, and it certainly shows.  

Patten has played a part in several group exhibitions locally and internationally.  He has shown solo exhibitions in Cantu, Italy and Fresno, CA.  In his late teens he was a part of SMAC (Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission) and he also served on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Center of Contemporary Art.

Patten's permanent work graces walls, parking lots, restaurants, and retail throughout the Sacramento area.  He has been featured in various publications throughout the world.  To put it simply; His reputation precedes itself.

“OFF THE WALL” opens Saturday, June 1st from 5-9pm.  The exhibition will be on view from June 1st, 2024 - June 30th, 2024 in our gallery at 3714 J Street in Sacramento, CA.