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“Battle Royale” is a group art show at Timeless Thrills featuring the paintings, ceramics, and mixed media works of Freddy Corbin, Jeff Rassier, Miguel Montgomery, Britton McFetridge, Dan Sinnes, and Daniele Hoang.  Each tattooer is an incredibly skilled artist and a natural when it comes to their craft.  The battle of good and evil is the underlying theme.  “Battle Royale” will be on view from December 9th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024 in our gallery at 3714 J Street in Sacramento, CA.

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December 9th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024

Opening Reception

December 9th, 2023 7-11pm

Photo Recap by Casey Engmark

Gallery Hours

Thursday - Sunday 12-6pm

By Appointment

Monday - Wednesday

Please email gallery@timelessthrills.com to schedule.


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Freddy Corbin

Jeff Rassier

Dan Sinnes

Britton McFetridge

Miguel Montgomery

Daniele Hoang





Freddy Corbin was born in Tampa, Florida and grew up in Sacramento, CA until he moved to San Francisco, CA to pursue a career in tattooing at age 18.  

His received his first tattoo by Joshua Golden at Lyle Tuttle’s Shop.  During that time Corbin spent countless hours getting tattooed in hopes to earn a spot in the industry the right way.  In 1987 he received the opportunity to work under Erno Szabady; This was his first big break.  Then in 1989 he was hired by Ed Hardy to work at Realistic Tattoo Studio with Bill Salmon.  As they say, the rest is history.  

Corbin has been tattooing over thirty years now and specializes in his iconic black-and-grey style.  Along with tattooer, Scott Sylvia, he is credited with popularizing the Mexican inspired sugar skull designs in tattooing.  He opened his landmark shop, Temple Tattoo in Oakland, CA in 1998. Tattoo 13 opened two years later in 2000.  Together they are two of the most prestigious shops in the industry. 

Freddy Corbin is a household name in tattooing and the world of artistry alike.  When you see a Freddy Corbin rose, you know it’s a Freddy Corbin rose.  His paintings and mixed media works help blend the worlds of fine art and tattooing in a way that is unmatched.


Daniele Hoang was born in Rome, Italy in 1983.  He attended Science High School where he specialized in anthropology until he began his journey as a self-taught tattooer around 2001.  

In 2002 he worked at Primal Rites Studio in Rome before moving to Battle Royal Tattoo in 2006.  Two years later he started at Heinz’s Psycho Tattoo where he began a five year stint as an established artist.  

In 2013 Hoang opened Black Horse Tattoo in Rome where he still tattoos today.  He continues to stay on the international scene, working & showing at exhibits and conventions throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States.  

Hoang specializes in traditional color tattooing with major Japanese influences.  He accomplishes big body pieces and full sleeves.  His real estate of work is quite major to say the least.


Britton McFetridge was born in Sacramento, California and has embodied his hometown ever since.  

He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in painting in 2004.  He has been tattooing more than twenty years now.  After coming up in local shops like American Graffiti, McFetridge opened Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlour in the mid 2000’s.  He opened his second shop, Royal Peacock Tattoo East just a few years back. 

McFetridge heads the Capitol City Classic Tattoo Convention since 2021, one of the most notable conventions in the world.  His impact on the city of Sacramento is incomparable.  

McFetridge specializes in Classic American Traditional tattooing; Bold, bright and beautiful.  In terms of other art forms he has become an expert in Delft style, hand-painted ceramics using tattoo themes in obtrusive forms.   

McFetridge is not only a contributing artist to the “Battle Royale” Group Art show, he is the curator.  


Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery has been tattooing over twenty years.  It all started professionally in Northern California. Some of his earliest years were spent at Hard Luck Tattoo in Lodi, CA.  He later worked here in Sacramento, California at American Graffiti.  

During his time in Northern California he noticed collectors with tattoos by San Francisco and Sacramento based artists that stood out.  They included tattooers like Freddy Corbin, Scott Sylvia, and Eric Hogan.  That caliber of tattooing is what Montgomery strived for.  

Montgomery merges traditional tattoo techniques with a contemporary approach.  While incredibly versatile, he focuses on bold, American traditional tattoos.  On the contrary he can lay down as good a black and grey tattoo as you are looking for.  

Montgomery is a multi-disciplined artist.  He has been painting tattoo flash as long as he has been tattooing.  Many of his tattoos derive directly from his flash sheets.  He currently tattoos at Port City Tattoo in Long Beach, California. 


Jeff Rassier was born in Hill City, Minnesota and moved to California during his high school years.  He started tattooing in 1990 in Santa Barbara, California.  Soon after he moved to San Francisco to work at Primal Urge Tattoo.  After tattooing on the road a few years in the late 90’s he returned to the Bay Area to tattoo at Spider Murphy’s in 2003.  Finally in 2004 he co-opened the globally recognized, Blackheart Tattoo in San Francisco, CA with Scott Sylvia, Tim Lehi, and Jef Whitehead which is still home to Rassier today.  

His tattoo style is considered color-illustrative with Classic American Traditional roots while inspired by 60’s psychedelics, punk rock, & comic book vibes that stand out amongst the crowd.

On top of tattooing, Rassier’s artwork encompasses the worlds of wood-working, sculpting, comic art, painting, etching, and several mediums of illustrations.  


Dan Sinnes is a multi faceted artist and tattooer from Luxembourg.  He has been tattooing close to two decades.  He owns his own shop, Electric Avenue Tattoo in Luxembourg however you can find him traveling all over the world at exhibitions and conventions.  

Sinnes’ style embodies traditional tattooing with both Japanese and American influence.  His bold, striking designs are hard to miss.  

Aside from tattooing, Sinnes is a skilled ceramicist focusing on sculptures, planters, plates, platters, mugs, vases, and several items alike.  Using his tattoo images, the ceramics Sinnes creates are a true reflection of his pure artistry.  

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