Temple Tattoo in Oakland, CA is a staple.  Opened in 1998 by Mr. Nice Guy himself Freddy Corbin, Temple has become one of the most glorified, respectable, and internationally known tattoo shops in the world.  

Housing artists like Jason Mcafee, Heath Preheim, Seth Wood, Dustin Wengreen, Tim Lehi, and Gustavo Martinez, Temple has a roster to remember.  Let's not forget Mr. Freddy Corbin himself.  

I was honored to collect a piece from Gustavo on the day we visited the tree-lined 17th street in Downtown Oakland.  It was an honor to sit in the historic shop, scoping so much incredible art, and listening to Mr. Corbin himself talk about life and beyond.  

Thank you Gustavo.  Thank you Freddy.  Thank you Temple Tattoo!  Until next time...

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