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Meet Tyler Wichmann the founder of @TimelessThrills. Yesterday I had the pleasure to catch Tyler at his new @TimelessThrills #FLAGSHIP right in East Sacramento.   
 Tyler established Timeless Thrills in 2011, he initially started off with a 100 shirts that he marketed & sold through Facebook without even having a website set up. Now lets fast forward to 2016 Tyler hasn’t missed a single seasonal collection since then and has just opened up his first brick-and-mortar location. Taking any turned profit from the streetwear brand and building on it to keep the brand aggressively moving forward has been the key to Timeless Thrills success thus far. You may recognize the brand from local retailers like @GettaClueStore or our favorite local revolving pop-up shop @DisplayCalifornia.

“Sacramento means family, friends, and community. This is where I was born and raised and where I’ll one day raise my kids. I take a lot of pride in this city and have no problem defending it to outsiders who may have a different opinion. To me, Sac is just one “small world” where some how, some way everyone knows everyone. And I love that!” Said Tyler, and I couldn’t agree more.  

Something really rad about @TimelessThrills is no single item is ever reproduced. Living true to the name, “Timeless”. 
Tyler hopes to grow @TimelessThrills to have more stores in cities around the United States! We definitely know he is more then capable of making that happen! 
Advice from Tyler Wichmann: ” Pay close attention to trial and error. Mistakes and bad decisions will always happen. It’s inevitable. It’s how you rebound & deal with them. And even more important, how you make a change and move forward.” 

Catch Tyler and one of our favorite Instagrammers @GoodThompson at the official grand opening on Jan. 23! They will be releasing a rare collab you’ll want to get your hands on! 
Visit @timelessthrills : 3714 J Street, Sacramento CA





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