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Will Clark was my childhood hero.  His poster hung on my wall above my bed when I was a kid.  I emulated his iconic swing even though I was a righty.  "Will the Thrill" was god!

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Mr. Clark played for my beloved San Francisco Giants from 1986-1993; I was born in 1987.  I was about 8 months old at my first Giant's game, sitting quietly in my Mom's arms.  My parents were in the nose bleeds during the '89 World Series when the famous earthquake took place.  Long story short, I was born a diehard Giant's fan and Will Clark was of the highest worship.  

With a nickname like "Will the Thrill" it was only right we used the 6-time Allstar in a design for Timeless Thrills.  "Will the Timeless Thrill" was born, naturally.  We drew inspiration from those iconic 1989 "Bay Bridge" Series t-shirts.  Doesn't get more nostalgic than that!

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Our "Will the Timeless Thrill" design is thrilling to every last detail.  From him knocking the clock out of the park to his iconic back swing.  Or maybe the flipped "Timeless" logo on his chest mocking those classic, late 80's Giants uniforms?  Don't forget our Empty Hourglass Logo in the cap!  All in all, we feel this design absolutely nailed it.

You can now purchase the "Will the Thrill" Tees in white, heather, and/or black in our online shop or in our Flagship Store.  


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