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When the Sacramento Bee wrote about our 'Water Tower' Tee we couldn't have been happier.  New customers however did not quite feel the same.  This is because three days prior we sold out all our 'Water Tower' tees during our Black Friday / Small Business Saturday sale.  

Now if you know about our brand you know we NEVER reproduce the same item twice; No joke!  Yes, we bring designs back on new items or in new colors but we  never reproduce the same item twice.  Let this be a swift lesson to purchase any of our items at first opportunity.  

The influx of customers over the last couple weeks searching for our coveted 'Water Tower' Tee overwhelmed us with joy to the point we felt obliged to do something.  While there was no way we could fit anything else into Winter production, somehow we got lucky and made it happen.  For all those disappointed customers who rolled into our shop looking for the 'Water Tower' Tee, your Christmas dreams have been granted.  

Now available in our online shop is the WATER TOWER 2.0 Tee in forest green and the WATER TOWER 2.0 Hoodie in black printed on authentic Champion® Eco Fleece.  Both items will be available in our Flagship Store starting tomorrow (Friday, 12/21/18).  Oh yea, and for the big homies we added 3XL! (wink wink). 


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