Ping Pong League

We are all set for Tournament No. 9!  We are ecstatic to let you know we filled all 10 spots for this tournament in less than 18 hours. This took zero promotion or marketing outside of one newsletter email.  

We couldn't be more excited about the growth of our league and that is in large part due to those who compete;  So thank you to everyone who has played in a tournament and even those who have simply signed up for the newsletter.  We appreciate you!  

We seem to say this every tourney, but it couldn't be more true for Tournament No. 9: This is set to be our most competitive tournament to date.  Rounding out the ten spots include five former tournament winners and top 5 Power Ranking members: Tyler Wichmann, Cody Watters, Chris Grant, Alan Blount, & DJ Mez.  

Of the remaining five competitors, two fall in our top 10 at number six and seven: Travis Howell & Eric (PingPong101).  The last three spots are made up of Pete Ibarra who's looking to make his way back into that top 10 and two newcomers to the league: BigBallerMatt & Chillintelligence.  We look forward to welcoming you guys to the league!

Tournament No. 9 is bound to shake up the Top 10, one way or another.  Will someone get a logo print on the sleeve?  Or will a newcomer make a splash and take home a new shirt?  We shall see.  Tourney 9 starts at 7pm sharp on Saturday, September 30th, 2017.  Spectators are always welcome!  We will see you then.  

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