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Thank you to everyone who competed in Tournament No. 7.  This league does not run without the players in it.  Thanks to all the spectators who stopped by!  You guys make it that much more fun to play these matches.  

Tournament No. 7 ended the same way any tournament has ended when Cody Watters is competing: Another stripe on the shirt for Cody!  While Tournament No. 7 was easily our most competitive tournament yet, Cody cruised through the winner's bracket only to lose once before finishing Timeless Thrills® (Tyler Wichmann) in the final championship match.  

Tourney 7 had strong showings from Timeless Thrills (Tyler Wichmann), Blazing Paddles (Chris Grant) and Ping Pong 101 (Eric), and the two new brothers to the league: Samithy and Jakithy (Sam & Jake Ithurburn).  

After losing his first match to Samithy, Timeless Thrills fought his way through the loser's bracket and edged out an insanely close semi-final victory over Blazing Paddles 25-23.  From there he barely defeated Cody Watters 21-19 in the first Championship match in order to push it to a final scenario.  After running out of steam, Cody did what he does best; claimed victory yet again winning 21-15 in the final match.  

Cody remains the only player in our league to win multiple tournaments (now 3!).  He will now have two "logo stripe" prints on his Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong Shirt to show another tournament victory.  

Tournament No. 7 did not shake up the Power Rankings a whole lot.  The only change is Ping Pong 101 (Eric) moved up to take over the number 7 spot in our Top 10.  Although Cody earns major points, Timeless Thrills continues to push more distance between him and the rest of the pack with 6 total match wins and a runner-up point score in Tourney 7.

Newcomer brothers to the league Samithy & Jakithy come close to breaking the Top 10 in their very first tournament while Jerm the Worm almost cracks the rankings in his second tournament.  

Look forward to Tournament No. 8 in late August or early September, however we may push it toward the middle of August so just stay tuned to your email for that registration link.  If you are not signed up, DO IT NOW!  

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