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Ping Pong League

30 tournaments in the books!  Can you believe it?  We started this league in March of 2016 with the "East Sac Ping Pong Tournament."  From there it spiraled and thirty tournaments later, here we are.

Tournament No. 30 was a fun one and resulted in a brand new winner!  Jordan Mahallati (Jslick) took home his winner's shirt with a clean sweep in his first appearance in the league.  He becomes the 11th tournament winner and earns a solid ranking right from the get.  Jordan immediately catapults himself to the 'On the Brink' section of our power rankings.

Runner-Up was second time player, Ray (JKDGUY).  He took home three match wins and in two tournaments has earned a 3rd place and Runner-Up finish.  Just like Jordan, Ray shoots himself up the charts to our 'On the Brink' section with 38 total power ranking points.  

In third place was last tournament's winner, Joël (Father Goose).  Given he showed up 10 seconds before his first match and changed his shoes 4 times, third place is quite the finish for Joël.  He avoids a forfeit and earns three match wins plus 3rd place points.  Just like Ray and Jordan, Joël immediately puts himself 'On the Brink' after only two tournaments staying hot on Sonny's tail.  

I (Timeless Thrills) finished 4th and distanced myself from Cody Watters in the Power Rankings while Cody heals up from a knee surgery.  Chris Parillo (Mclovin) earns a match win and inches closer to taking the #9 spot in our Top 10 from Eric. Logan (Mayvillain) only had one match win but it was a skunk, earning him extra power ranking points.  While it was a rough tournament for our #5 ranked player, Logan puts himself only 3 points behind Alan Blount for 4th place.

Huge thanks to newcomers Aaron (Tito Time) and Robert.  Robert came to shoot photos and ended up earning some power ranking points by competing after a no-show from EG123.  We appreciate you Robert!  Hope to see you two back in the near future.  

Special Occasion points were earned by wearing a headband.  Those points went to myself, Chris Parillo (McLovin), Aaron (Tito Time), and of course Joël.  Each player earns an extra power ranking point for completing the task.  

Our new rule system worked out and went smooth for a first time.  Weirdly enough, match 9 between myself and Chris Parillo was the only match to go all three games.  Every other match was finished after two games.  

Another congratulations to Jordan for taking home a tourney win in your first appearance!  Let's keep this competition moving!  Look out for Tournament No. 31 in September.  Until then...


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  • Joël on

    What an adventure of a tournament. And a fun read before and after! Definitely enjoying playing in this Timeless Thrills league with a bunch of friendly folks.

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