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The Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League is back!  Last night's tournament was the first since February of 2020 and we picked up right where we left off.  

Pong August Nights got off to a dazzling start with a solid eight-person tourney.  We unfortunately had THREE no-shows and neither of the two wait-listers decided to show up.  Unfortunate, but to the rescue came Parker who ended up holding his own and having an awesome debut tournament!  We even had our own score keeper show up!

The story of the night however was Mr. Mayvillain himself, Logan Mayville.  Logan went 4-1 on the night and beat Tyler Wichmann (timelessthrills) in the final 19th match of the tourney to take the crown.  This is Logan's third tournament victory earning him another logo notch on his 'Winner's T-shirt.'  He becomes one of only four players to have won at least three tournaments.  

Tournament No. 28 Winner, Logan Mayville throws up a "three" after his third tournament victory.

A top story on the night was the showing from newcomer, Dan (Danjuan).  Dan showed up and showed out!  In his first ever tournament he earned a whopping 16 power ranking points which included four match wins and a third place finish!  Another showing like that and Dan will be on the brink.  

Tournament No. 28 shakes up the Top 10 Power Rankings slightly.  Runner-up, Tyler Wichmann (timelessthrills) dethrones Cody Watters (for the week) and jumps back into the number one spot.  Keep in mind Cody is registered for Tournament No. 29 next Saturday so Tyler's lead may not last long.  

With Logan's tourney win he shoots up three spots in the rankings and dips into the Top 5 in fifth place.  With his move up he drops 'No Chance' Vance (loadholt) and Mike Ottersen each a spot while Chris Grant (blazing paddles) Eric (pingpong101), and Chris Parillo (mclovin) stay put in those eighth through tenth spots.  

The final bracket shows all results from start to finish.  Note: The 21-0 totals were automatic byes because the loser in each match was a no-show.

Our Top 10 Power Rankings and Results have been updated!  

A huge thank you goes out to Rodney and the whole crew at Steve's Pizza for bestowing us with our new, outdoor arena.  Not only are they giving us a safe place to play, they are running pizza and beer deals for anyone in attendance to play or watch!  This new partnership with Steve's is exactly what we needed to keep this league moving forward.    

Pong August Nights rolls on next Saturday, August 21st with Tournament No. 29.  There are still three spots + the waitlist available so register now!  Please note, moving forward all tournaments will start at 4pm sharp.

Register for the remaining three tournaments in Pong August Nights... 


 Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at 4:00pm


 Saturday, August 28th, 2021 at 4:00pm


 Saturday, September 4th, 2021 at 4:00pm

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