Ping Pong League

Welcome to Tournament No. 21 of the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League.  Twenty tournaments in and still putting together incredible competition.  Tourney 21 is no exception.  

Our 21st tournament features SIX players from our Top 10 Power Rankings!  I'm not sure we have ever had six players from the top 10 competing in one tournament.  We also have one "on the brink," one returner, and one newbie!  There is ONE SPOT LEFT!  If you're down to be the missing link to some awesome ping pong, REGISTER NOW!  If we don't fill the spot we will run it with 9 players.  If that stands, the bracket is officially set.  

We have a few storylines in Tournament No. 21.  "No Chance" Vance is back for the first time since last Fall.  While he's clearly the favorite to win the tournament, Mike Ottersen, Logan Mayville, and Tyler Wichmann may have something to say about that.  

Let's not forget about Chase Bradshaw!  The dude is practically Vance's protege and he's back for the first time since being kicked out of the top 10!.  Oh and look who else is back!  Mr. Travis Howell.  Looks like he was afraid to drop out of the Top 10 so he made his return.  Chase, Travis, and Mike are all within five points of each other.  Tonight is sure to shake up the top end of the power rankings.

Tournament No. 21 starts tonight at 6:30pm.  As always, spectators welcome.  We'll see you then!


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