Ping Pong League

Tournament No. 17 kicks off Saturday evening (9/8) at 7pm sharp.  The bracket is set!  All ten spots are filled and we have a wait-lister (thanks for joining the waitlist Casey!).  You can still join the waitlist yourself.  As a wait-lister we ask you still show up just in case someone in the original ten does not.  In that case you take their spot and we will resume the tournament as usual.    

Tourney 17 features five players from our Top 10 Power Rankings, two on the brink, and three newcomers!  Thank you three for joining the league.  We always love new meat! (JK).

Match one is set for 7pm sharp against newcomers; Chris Parilo and Rainbow_unicorn.  You can view the whole bracket here.  

Who's the favorite you ask?  Whenever five-time champ, Cody Watters is in a tournament he's automatically the favorite.  Everyone better bring their A-game!

Tournament No. 17 starts at 7pm sharp, Saturday (9/8) night.  As always, spectator's welcome!  We'll see you then...

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