Ping Pong League

Cody Watters had not competed in our league since Tournament No. 10.  However, he didn't seem to lose a step as he collected his 5th tournament victory last night in Tournament No. 15.  Let's not forget this dude has only played in six total tournaments.  You can do the math.  Congratulations Cody;  That's a fourth stripe on your winner's shirt!

Tournament No. 15 saw Chase Bradshaw (Chasedogz) make an incredible runner-up impression.  For the first time after only three tournaments Chase has placed himself in our Top 10 Power Rankings at Number 8!  He earned the most power ranking points of anyone in last night's runner-up effort based on more match wins and a skunk.  Congrats Chase! 

Two-time champ Sonny Mayugba gets bounced out of the Top 10 with Chase's strong showing.  Logan (may villain) and Travis Howell get bounced to 9 and 10.   

With Cody's tournament victory he bounces back in front of Alan (MotherGoose) into the third place spot while Mez's third place finish keeps him stuck at number 2 behind Tyler.  

Alex (DanielsMama) earned more power ranking points while taking care of her son at the same damn time.  Multi-tasking at its finest.  

Thanks to all the newcomers who joined the league last night.  Casey (choward) had a strong first showing with a couple match wins including a skunk.  Cedric (Troubleman916) & Fofo92 both earned a match win in their first league showing.  Root brought that 11% Knee Deep Brewing beer and got everyone buzzed! Thanks to all you guys!  We hope you continue to compete in our tournaments.  

Look for Tournament No. 16 to be in early August.  Make sure you are signed up on the league newsletter to know exactly when registration opens.  

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