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Another one in the books!  Tournament No. 13 was a wild one.  We had fathers facing off with their daughters, wives going up against their husbands.  Things got a little weird, to say the least.  All in all, it was another solid tournament with competitive ass play.  

At the end of the night it was Max AKA DJ Mez who captured his second tournament title making him one of three players in our league with multiple tournament victories.  That means a logo print on his shirt!  He did this hungover after celebrating his birthday the night before and an hour before he had to DJ all night at Dive Bar.  What a fucking stud!

While Max claimed victory, it wasn't an easy road to the title in large part due to newcomer, Chase Bradshaw (Chasedogz) who made one hell of a first impression.  Chase racked up four match wins, a skunk, and finished runner-up in his first Timeless Thrills tournament.  Chase was even the one who put Max in the loser's bracket in a 21-15 semifinal match to earn him a secure spot in the championship. His solid first showing shot him immediately into our "On the Brink" rank.    

Max fought his way out of the loser's bracket in a 21-14 win against Alan Blount (Mothergoose87) and was forced to beat Chase twice to earn the title.  He did just that winning 21-15 and 21-16 becoming one of the only players in our league to fight out of the loser's bracket and defeat the undefeated player twice to win a tournament.  Congratulations Max!

Max's tournament victory bounces him two spots into the # 2 slide in our Top 10 Power Rankings.  In a wild turn of events he ties four time champ Cody Watters at 117 points.  Max automatically takes the spot over Cody in the top 10 because he is the most recent winner.  I'm sure Cody will be chomping at the bit to get back into Tournament No. 14 and reclaim that # 2, or even top spot.  

Alan Blount (Mothergoose87) had a solid tournament earning 3 match wins.  He had two fairly dominating loser's bracket wins over Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) and Logan Mayville (Mayvillain) only to come up short to Max in the last loser's bracket match.  This dude even beat his wife!  What a fucker!  All jokes aside, Alan drops a spot to # 4, mainly because of Max's comeback night.  

Johnn7 didn't show up and was forced to forfeit all his matches.  He unfortunately gets docked five points for being a no-show.  Logan Mayville had an honest showing earning a couple match wins but ultimately finishing in fourth spot to earn no extra power ranking points.  Newcomer father/daughter duo Alex Blount (DanielsMama) and Richard (Giantsfever) combined for two tournament victories (both by Alex, sorry Richard!).  Brian Peters (Bpballer) showed up a bit late and had to forfeit his first match, but brought a solid game and earned a tournament victory beating Phil Frost (Phealthy) and getting himself some points.  

Lastly, Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) only had one match win and a pretty shitty showing but earns some more points and secures the top spot once again at 148, 31 points ahead of the # 2 and 3 guys.  Will anyone catch him?   

All in all Tournament No. 13 was solid, competitive, and a ton of fun.  Thanks to everyone who came out to play and spectate.  We appreciate the support.  13 tournaments in!  Let's keep it goin.  Until next time.  

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