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3714 J Street Press Video

We recently met with "Bleezale the Generrell" for his new project, "To Blee Blunt," showcasing Sacramento businesses, creatives, and individuals who contribute to the success of our city as a whole.  

What is crazy about this is some of the first business we ever did for Timeless Thrills over six years ago was setting up tables inside the MoMo Lounge in Midtown Sacramento for Blee's "L.I.F.E. Events."  Come full circle over six years later, here we are doing an interview inside our own store with Blee.  

We appreciate the hell out of you Blee!  Thank you for letting us be apart of this series.  We are honored!

Checkout the interview below to learn about what some of our disappointments are since opening the store, how we stay relevant, and who are some people we would like to work with...

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