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If you have perused The Newsstand at 3714 J Street you should be familiar with Paulo Buencamino.  His take on polaroid photography is different in the way he presents the end product.  No one else is doing what Paulo is doing and that is the way we like it.  In his new zine he teamed up with his family to bring something sentimental and special.  

'A Polaroid Family' is by Paulo Beuncamino, Gino Buencamino, Ernestine Plemmons, and Kevin Plemmons.  It is a joint zine made up of photos taken in the summer of 2020.  

Through the photos in 'A Polaroid Family' Paulo and his family share a glimpse into their experiences as they navigated the changes brought by the pandemic.  In their lives they had never spent so much time all together.  Even living together, Paulo would often go more than a week without seeing his brother because of their vastly different schedules.  

Paulo looks back on the extra time he spent with his family, in spite of the seriousness of its cause, as an incredible gift.  

When making the zine, he wanted it to feel like the family photo albums you might find tucked under a coffee table.  

'A Poloroid Family' is now available in store.  

$15 / A5 / 48 pages (including cover) / Printed on recycled paper in the UK.  

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