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Last Fall we wanted to create a capsule collection around the idea that Timeless Thrills® was a brewery and we had our own beer.  Anthony Nathan (Bunny Years) brought our concept to life and we were off to the races.  We created a six-item capsule made up of t-shirts, headwear, accessories, and stickers.  To this point we had no idea the monster we created.

One thing led to another and we connected with Daniel Moffatt, co-owner/founder of Fountainhead Brewery on 24th street in Sacramento.  The branding behind this fictional beer enticed him to the point of offering the possibility to brew.  While collaborating on our own custom beer was a project we had brainstormed for years, we jumped at the opportunity and Off the Clock IPA was officially born.  

We were fortunate to work from one of Foutnainhead's staple IPA's and essentially tweak it based on our own personal preference in an Indian Pale Ale.  We made it hazy, juicy, and filled with a rich aroma of hops to make your tastebuds jump with joy.  Not only did Daniel & crew brew a batch of this new IPA, we shot a lookbook and made a video to document the entire process.  

On September 18th, 2018 we opened our store as the "Timeless Thrills Brewery" and Off the Clock IPA was on tap.  This was the very first time the public could drink the beer.  We turned our Flagship Store into a mock brewery which included giant jenga, family style seating, an outdoor patio, Doritos chip bags, and  more.  It was a night to remember but even then the journey had just begun.    

Since that September night, Off the Clock IPA has only been available to drink one other time at our Flagship Store Three Year Celebration in January.  That does not mean we have not been busy!  For the last 9 months we have been prepping and planning how to get this beer into cans and on the shelves of your favorite local grocery stores.  Well, that time has come!

This Saturday, July 6th at 7pm we will celebrate the can release of Off the Clock IPA.  It will be sold in 4-packs of 16 ounce cans.  Fountainhead let us design the labels which is one of the coolest things we have worked on to date.  None of this is possible without that original design of Anthony Nathan (Bunny Years), thank you sir!  You brought our concept to life and this dude on the can will live on for years to come.  

We never thought we would be in the beer business, but here we are.  Sometimes unexpected things happen in life and we believe it is how you embrace them that gives a positive result.  A huge thanks to Daniel and Mark with Fountainhead Brewery; What a journey this has been!  Thank you for traveling it with us.  

We will see you Saturday at 7pm and YES, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LEAVE WITH A 4-PACK OF YOUR OWN AS THEY WILL BE ON SALE THE NIGHT OF THE PARTY.  Time to stay off the clock!

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