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Paulo Buencamino is a talented, local photographer and avid supporter of Timeless Thrills®.  We met Paulo through him coming to our events; Plain and simple.  Not only does he support our brand and the store, he supports other local artists and photographers who we carry in our print section.  If you know Paulo you're probably thinking "polaroid."  We are excited to offer two new zines displaying that polaroid work, now available in our Flagship Store.  

False Ambience is a 24 page zine consisting of 19 images capturing the ways that artificial light subtly transforms the way we experience a space as natural light fades away.  

january is Paulo's newest release consisting of a polaroid every day in January, 2020.  Some days he had plenty of polaroids to choose from.  Other days he rushed to take just one photo to make the cut.  This project forced him to create every day which resulted in something quite magical.  

Both zines are numbered and signed by Paulo himself and are limited to 100 copies each.  These zines are available in our Flagship Store only.  You must book an appointment to come shop.  For the foreseeable future we are donating 100% of any purchase from our print section to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.  

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