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If you've visited 3714 J Street you have definitely experienced George Anzaldo's art.  Maybe you know his Instagram handle, Kuya George.  Whatever the case, you know he's left a mark in Sacramento.  This past week we were fortunate to have George back in town adding more custom hand-paint to our windows, walls, and a new fixture.

Preparation is key...

Time to paint!

A lot of people have been asking about this dude above.   If you remember a few years back we hosted a pop-up with George titled, Time For Type.  If you didn't make it you can check out the photo recap here.  This dude was created for that event's flyer.  Since then we have been itching to use him again.  What better time than our 10 year anniversary?  Yep, he's the face of "Ten Years of Timeless Thrills."  Look forward to seeing more of him in the near future.  For now, come check him out on our front door!

George spent an entire day with us.  He hammered out new hours plus our 'Ten Year Character' on the front door, he hit above our timeless clock, and he absolutely blessed our fixture housing The Newsstand.  We could not be happier with the work.  

At 3714 J Street we house The Newsstand.  What started as an idea to highlight independent print has evolved into a full blown print media section with currently over fifty titles in stock!  We carry everything from magazines and zines to local print and photo books.  Recently we were gifted a fixture from the 1970's or 80's by our friend Britty who owns Royal Peacock.  It is the perfect fit for the store and The Newsstand.  It was only right for George to make it official...

We can't thank you enough George!  Until next time my friend!

Cruise into 3714 J Street top check out the new paint for yourself.  We are open Thursday - Saturday from 11am - 3pm.  See ya' soon!

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