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Last Friday night was fun!  Daniel Tutupoly released his new zine; 'Late Pass Volume 4 Issue 1: Welcome to Basketball Hell' and it was a hit!  

MiMo and Diana (and don't forget Mars & Nick) of Congee Cult threw it down, serving about 100 bowls of delicious congee and selling out before the night's end.  Big ups!

We had an awesome time seeing old friends and meeting new faces.  Thank you to everyone who came out for Daniel, the congee, or just to say hi!  We appreciate each and every one of you.  

Lonnie took the coolest photo of the night.  Oh, and her "JDUBB" aka white chocolate cookies were incredible!  Who else ate one?

And of course, our friend DeAngelo Corton came through and took some photos of his own.  Thanks as always Angelo!

Thank you Daniel for always allowing us to host your cool ass, creative ideas.  We will always happily be your hub.  Late Pass Volume 3 Issue 3 and Late Pass Volume 4 Issue 1 have been restocked at the shop.  Cruise by and grab your copy if you missed the event!  

Until next time!


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