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We are excited to announce we are now the only store, shop, or boutique in Northern California stocking Explorer's Press.  

Explorer's Press is an accessories and soft goods brand based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Founded in 2012 by artist and designer Brendan Megannety, Explorer's has become a platform for established and emerging artists to create tangible goods from their designs.

Their aesthetic is nostalgic, with inspiration drawn from '70s though '90s souvenir pieces. Their studio is covered in stacks of vintage patches and cork boards of their favorite lapel pins. As a West Coast operation, nature and exploration are central themes to their brand... Explorer's Press believes in spending as much time adventuring as they do at the drawing board.  Need we say more?  It is also important to mention, we have been fans and supporters of Explorer's for a long time now.  
We are humbled and happy to have this opportunity to offer Explorer's inside the Flagship Store.  Below is a preview of what to expect in our first delivery from the Canadian brand.  Explorer's Press will be available inside our Flagship Store Saturday, August 13th, 2016.  

Make your list! These "People To Kill" sketchbooks are gold foil embossed on high quality cloth covered casebound sketchbooks. 100 pages of high quality 140gsm acid free unlined pages. Won't bleed through with watercolor, permanent marker, or even blood. 

These are A5 size (8.3" x 5.8")

The Lapel Pin selection is on point.  All 1" in size, they range from brass pins to custom die cut enamel pins.

2.75" iron on patch with merrowed edging and metallic embroidery.

2.5" hot stamped plastic keychain, for those who live in paradise. Plastic body won't scratch your motorcycles gas tank or your car door. For longevity, face the imprinted side out from your keys.

100% Pima cotton woven socks made in California. Size small fits up to men's size 8, large fits size 8 and up. We have both.  

We want all our customers from Sacramento and beyond to head into the Flagship Store and take a look at what Explorer's Press has to offer.  Using their gear is guaranteed to provide these immediate, amazing benefits:

  • Approximate 75% increase in coolness, with the application of their pins and patches to your jackets and bags
  • Maximization of luck by affixing your keys to their keychains
  • Boosted creative capacity as you draw in their sketchbooks
  • Statistical increase in the likelihood of attracting your dream partner by sporting their socks

Come explore!

When will Explorer's Press start to be sold in the Flagship Store?

     -  Saturday, August 13th, 2016 

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