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Our EHG Socks have become a staple item over the last decade. We have released them in several colors throughout the years. To start 2021 we have three new colorways for your sock pleasure. 

Black / Grey • Forest / Purple • White / Obsidian

If you’ve never owned a pair of our socks you done fucked up! Just kidding, but seriously... These socks rule! They are the perfect combination between a formal crew & an athletic fit sock. They let your feet breathe like a happy pregnant woman in a Lamaze class. 

Nate Zoeller molded together an A+ editorial with striking visuals. All three pairs of socks will be available at 3714 J Street on Saturday, February 20th at 11am. They will become available in our online shop later that evening. If you book an appointment at our store between now & Saturday we’ll let you shop the new socks. 😉


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