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Years ago we planted the seed that was a collaboration cap with Ebbets Field Flannels; That was 2014!  We even sampled a cap but full production never happened.  Why?  I can't even remember to be honest.  It was definitely a bummer.  We made sure to keep in touch and didn't let the idea die.    

Fast forward eight years later and that pipe dream of a project has finally come true.  These caps went into production last summer.  They have officially touched down in Sacramento and are ready for release.  

Ebbets is known for making high quality, authentic ball caps and so we did just that...

We designed a custom fitted cap with genuine royal wool broadcloth.  You get that timeless, green satin under visor and satin taping with a cotton sweatband on top of a vintage hair cloth backed buckram crown.  

Our EHG Logo is embroidered on the front with off-white felt and our OG Logo is embroidered on the back in the same color.  The cap is made in the USA.  

We could not be more honored to offer such a quality piece of headwear.  We can't wait to share the love with you all.  

The OG Logo Ebbets Field Fitted Cap releases this Saturday, February 26th at 11am in our online shop and at 3714 J Street.    


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