Local Clothing Company opens first brick-and-mortar location

By Sonya Sorich

January 4th, 2016

Kanye West has affected the way one local company does business.

The owner of local clothing company Timeless Thrills says the rapper, who was dubbed the most stylish man of 2015 by GQ magazine, has been a major force in transforming men's fashion. West's style has evolved from traditional graphic T-shirts to a more upscale sense of fashion.

So it's no surprise the male fashion industry is seeing more interest in high-end clothing, according to Tyler Wichmann, owner of Timeless Thrills.

The brand, which has existed for a little more than four years, plans to open its first brick-and-mortar location in the second week of January. It will be located in about 825 square feet at 3714 J St.

"This has always been one of the goals for the brand," said Wichmann, 28. He said Timeless Thrills specializes in "upscale casual wear." The store will sell men's accessories and clothing, including button-down shirts that are locally cut and sewn.

Timeless Thrills has built a following through social media and selling its products through local retailers such as Getta Clue. With its new location, Wichmann expects to transition from selling his products at other retailers to selling at his own store. Items from Timeless Thrills also are available at some stores outside the region, including a location in New Jersey and one in Nebraska.

While Wichmann plans to continue selling his products at select locations outside the area, he wants Timeless Thrills to be "somewhat exclusive and limited to a certain extent."

Wichmann, who was born and raised in Sacramento, said he's had a longtime interest in business, even while eyeing a career as a professional baseball player. His father runs American Bottle Auctions in Sacramento.

Though the brand's presence is expanding, Wichmann has no immediate plans to expand its target customer base. For now, Timeless Thrills will continue to specialize in menswear. "That market is what I know," Wichmann said.


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